Sunday, February 27, 2011

felted cozy...

this lucky girl's boyfriend bought her a 13 inch toshiba laptop for her 35th b-day!  

my previous laptop got a lot of wear and saw me through the better half of my degree...but it  finally bit the dust last year.  

now come the new laptop.  at first, i wasn't too welcoming - feeling it was too extravagant of a gift and, quite frankly, too small.  

i can happily say, i'm over my initial laptop concern; so much so that i made it a little cozy.

i have felted a few knitted pieces - some turning out good, some (really) bad.  it's always a gamble.  

this time around, i used my leftover wool bits - so i wouldn't feel too bad if it got botched in the felting stage.  my constantly changing wool, also made me forget any chance of it looking uniform and anywhere close to perfect.  my finished project turned out awesome - fitting my laptop like a (tight and slightly short) glove.

zero expectations - what felting is all about (for me anyways).           

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