Sunday, July 3, 2011

summer garage salin'

ahhh, summer! summer is fantastic for a number of reasons.... longer days, more beach strolls, barbecues, and GARAGE SALES!!  this is the first summer with a car and it has made garage saling that more exciting. 

i have enlisted my pal crystal for the early morning adventures and we have done well for ourselves.  crystal recently moved to victoria from japan and she and her new husband have an empty apartment in desperate need of some sprucing up.  i actually have the opposite problem.  my tiny one bedroom apartment is full to the max, which makes my garage sale purchases to be selective.  last weekend was perhaps my most successful garage sale experience this summer.  you gotta love people who have garage sales for the purpose of getting rid of clutter, not making a profit, which was what i found!  i found a wonderful danish ceramic candle holder made to look like blades of grass - which can easily be converted into a vase.  i also found a 'jasba keramik' plant pot, which i love!  other finds: vintage how to to draw paint/draw books, a chest of drawers for my crafting supplies, and a tambourine (ok - not all purchases were practical but i may need a tambourine one day).  

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